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Environmentally Friendly

CHEMISTRY and environmentally preferred
program of raw materials and
compounds complies with global initiatives
that include REACH, RoHS2, IEC, LSZH and
HFFR. Our PVC free options do not contain
bromines, chlorines, phthalates or DEHP. Select
from compounds with characteristics that are
non-toxic, irritant free, zero bio-burden,
FDA, USP and food grade compliant.

Our products come in many colors, but in
essence each one is green. That’s because we
have demonstrated a strong commitment
to sustainability throughout our more than 40
year history and are recognized as an industry
leader in PVC free product offerings. Our company
philosophy is grounded in longevity with
an emphasis on customers, team members
and strategic supply chain partners for life,
and a longstanding commitment to community
support. Our dedication to the life of the planet
and all its inhabitants is evident throughout
every aspect of NWI’s operation.

NWI continually explores new ways to realize a strong environmental commitment in each of its facilities to reduce our environmental footprint. To save energy, we have integrated state-of-the-art lighting in our production facilities with motion sensing lighting in all offices. Every facility meets Clean Air Act standards and passes third party approval tests for compliance with state indoor-air quality requirements. In addition,


NWI implements
WEEE (waste electri-
cal and electronic
equipment) standards,
and our future building
expansion plan incorporates
measures to gain
LEED certification credits.

NWI employs Lean manufacturing and 5S
programs to organize its team members and
work flow for maximum efficiency, improved
productivity and waste reduction. NWI’s facilities
operate at optimal levels to reduce energy
consumption and minimize the number of
startups and shutdowns. Our process water is
tested and treated to control bacteria and pyrogen
levels—both to meet our customers’ needs
and to provide a healthy working environment.

Our focus on a green future is evident in the
innovative products NWI manufactures for
applications that serve green markets such as:
electric vehicles, solar, wind generation, low
voltage lighting, wastewater treatment, in situ
monitoring, leak detection and water quality
testing. This same ingenuity was used to develop
cable for a product that helped save whales
trapped under the ice in Alaska.

At NWI, we think globally, act locally and save
significantly. A majority of NWI team members
live in close proximity to our facilities and offices,
which helps support our efforts to reduce fuel
consumption. And whenever possible, our
services, products and equipment are purchased
regionally, to reduce transportation waste.

NWI has a long history of environmental
responsibility. It shows in the many measures
we are taking today to preserve and protect
our planet’s resources. Looking to the future,
we will continue to seek ways to improve
sustainability even more. Our dedication to
this principle is your assurance that regardless
of the Northwire products you purchase—and
despite the color—they will always be as green
as we can possibly make them.