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Innovative Solutions for Emerging Cable Technology

EMerge-Building.jpgEMerge Registered Cable Smart, Green Buildings

Northwire delivers off-the-shelf and custom-configured cables for low voltage lighting used in smart, green buildings and with EMerge
technology. Northwire – an EMerge Alliance member – has engineered electrical cable products to meet new global standards that will definethe next generation of electrical and electronic infrastructure in adaptable, sustainable, green buildings.

Smart Building Cables

Northwire’s products include cables for power, controls and a variety of peripheral devices, including lighting. These products comply with the EMerge Alliance standards and help building owners gain unprecedented design and space flexibility, reduced energy use and improved sustainability. 

Northwire’s cable products, combined with other EMerge Alliance standard products will:

  • Allow direct access to safe power.
  • Enable easy repurposing and reconfiguration without rewiring.
  • Give owners of commercial buildings a way to maximize room and floor reconfigurations and stop the cycle of one-time fixture and device use.
  • Help future-proof interior spaces for new technologies such as LED lighting.
  • Promote sustainability with simpler devices that contain fewer materials.
  • Reduce energy consumption through state-of-the-art device controls and solid-state lighting; facilitate the direct connection and use of energy from solar, wind or other alternative energy sources; and make improved energy efficiency through integrated load and source management possible.

Current cable products for smart buildings and emerging green technology include:

Northwire SJE – SJEOW TPE jacketed 300V power cordage UL 62, oil resistant, outdoor rated NW-22720Cable20Type_FTC144.jpg
Northwire ITC/PLTC – General purpose to exposed-run rated power-limited tray cable for instrument and control systems NW-00020ITC204wire_braid.jpg
DataCELL® FIELD MVC-800 – IEEE 1394B FireWire MVCFirewireGreen.png
Northwire GEV-1000 – Gigabit Ethernet Cable NW_268_GIG_ETwisted.png