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RLE Technologies Disaster Prevention Solutions

RLE_Tech_-_external.pngBenefit from key Northwire partnerships designed to provide you with the best available wire and cable products. cable.png

Nothing spells disaster like a fluid leak. Prevent damage to your critical systems and equipment with RLE Technologies’ remote environmental monitoring solutions.

For over 30 years, RLE has manufactured controller options for wired and wireless monitoring of critical and sensitive assets - including leak detection, facility monitoring & management systems, and system integration. Made with Northwire manufactured sensing cable, RLE’s conductive fluid sensors rapidly alert you to threats and allow you to take corrective action quickly.

Featuring Northwire’s distinctive engineering process, the conductive fluid sensing cable offers:

  • Scalability
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance to False Alarms
  • Quick Installation
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Fast Drying

save.pngRLE’s SeaHawk water leak sensors detect fluid and feed the alarm data to either a SeaHawk zone or distance-read controller. The zone controllers indicate a general area in alarm status, while a SeaHawk distance-read controller not only determines the presence of a conductive fluid, but also pinpoints the exact location of the fluid along the cable route.

Manufactured by Northwire for RLE, the water sensing cable:

  • Is available in standard and custom lengths
  • Features mating connectors on each end for simple installation
  • Can expand on existing leak detection systems

As part of our valuable 10-year partnership, RLE Technologies is offering a manufacturers’ discount to Northwire customers. Learn more about leak detection solutions and contact RLE at 800.518.1519 or via their online contact form for the 10% Northwire discount.