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Does Your Application Need to Supply, Vacuum, or Vent?

3 questions to consider before adding a tube to your custom cable design

Cable with supply tube

Whether supplying air, dissipating heat, or suctioning fluids, tube material choices can make a big impact on cable performance. Depending on the environment and the demands of the application, the tube could be at risk of collapsing, kinking, or even …

Happy Manufacturing Day!

Manufacturing Retractile Cable

As we celebrate this monumental day on Friday, October 6th, we look back at some of the significant manufacturing milestones throughout history. Check them out…

Northwire Celebrates 45 Years of Manufacturing Cable

Employees and their families gathered for the company’s anniversary with a harvest-inspired celebration, fondly named NorthwireFest by team members.

Northwire Celebrates 45 Years of Manufacturing Cable

The custom cable manufacturing company got its start in 1972 when 59-year-old Ormund A. Kravik saw a need for small order quantities of cable and wire. Mr. Kravik traveled up and down the St. Croix River looking for the perfect …

Custom Cable Assembly Series: Ruggedized Connectivity Solutions

Learn 3 components that help cables withstand extreme conditions

Rugged Cable Solutions

Special attention is given when designing and manufacturing components for harsh environments (i.e. aerospace/defense and the oil and gas industry). Every minute of downtime costs money, and equipment is often vulnerable in isolated, harsh conditions as well as complex and …


Learn the basics of Copper Stranding

Copper Wire

One of the most important parts of cable is the stranding. For many of us, this important piece of hardware is unclear and can be confusing. Let us break it down simply…