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Cable Tough Enough for the North Pole

Santa’s List of Key Considerations when Utilizing Cable in Arctic Conditions

Santa's List for Arctic Cable

At the North Pole, Santa recently went through the process of outfitting Santa’s sleigh and his reindeer’s harnesses with cable to help light their way. After completing his cable project, Santa put together this list of key considerations for your …

Your Cable’s First Line of Defense: Jacketing

Ask these 3 questions before selecting a jacket material for your cable

Protective Cable Jacket

A cable’s outer jacket is its primary means of protection against environmental factors and application demands. It is a crucial part of the cable and can be the determining factor for the longevity and durability of the cable and or …

Precision Custom Connection and Cable Solutions

See LEMO’s manufacturing process in action by watching the Company Video

LEMO has been designing precision connectors for seven decades. Offering more than 75,000 combinations of product that continue to grow through custom specific designs, LEMO and its affiliated sister companies REDEL, NORTHWIRE and COELVER currently serve more than 100,000 customers …

A Day to Honor Those Who Make Up the Backbone of America

Veteran’s Day, 2017

Northwire Thanks Veterans

We want to say a special thank you to those who stood between home and danger, who stepped forward when others stepped back, and who sacrificed time with their families to protect this great nation.

How Shielding Can Solve Connectivity Challenges

Selecting the right shielding materials and configurations can add strength, flexibility, and noise suppression

Custom Cable Shielding

Shielding provides protection to cable and wire by increasing both structural integrity and signal integrity. The primary types of cable shields include a foil shield, a box weave or basket weave braid shield, and a spiral shield. This magic layer …